Hire Stock

Blue Tongue’s gear is modular and easy to assemble. Standard sizes come with click together aluminium frames, and supporting outriggers.

Other equipment available includes 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg electric chain motors, with controllers and cabling, chain blocks, F23 global truss, 300mm tri truss, 300mm box truss, 400mm box truss, 500mm box truss, tomcat truss, mobile alloy towers, modular scaffold towers, black drapes, underwater black drapes, white ultrabounce cloths, and tarpaulins.

The heavy duty equipment with truss, motors and rigging is designed to suit studio, outdoor crane, or floating screen packages. We offer versatility and practical support for even the most ambitious of shots.

Our modular tab track system is perfectly suited to retractable screens and black drapes. It comes in straight and curved lengths, and includes the tab track itself, hanging brackets, splice plates and tab track bobbins. The tab track system allows for quick changes between set ups, or switchovers between black drapes and screens.